Jul 21, 2010

Ningaloo - Karatha

We stuck it out another week, such hardships we have to endure ..... the last three days were very windy and overcast but we did manage to get the Yak's out for one last fish. This time it was Trev's turn to catch the only fish caught and with the water getting rougher we left it at that. Back at camp it was pack up time and we were on the track out the next day, stopping at the Homestead to say our thanks and collect our key deposit back we were soon on the blacktop and heading further North.

We took the Burkett Road which saves us going back to Minilya and comes out on the North Coastal Highway further up, we stayed the night at a free camp site alongside the [......] river, we noticed a cross in the bush and went and checked it out, a simple white cross with PANDA written on it, Vickie also noticed another cross further away that had Colin & Panda written on it, it wasn't untill we were talking to our mates Allan & Joyce at Karratha that we were told the story and how Colin was a friend of theirs & Panda was his beloved dog and they died after being hit & killed in a car accident whilst slowing or turning into the camp area. [The Details are sketchy as to how it exactly happened]

With that news and also hearing that a good friend of ours in Sydney was not travelling well health wise made us think just how fortunate we are to be able to live the life that we do.

We plan to only stay a couple of nights here, long enough to re-stock with food and catch up with our mail and then move further North, possibly 80 Mile beach.

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