Mar 1, 2010

Welcome to Sunny Queensland

Third night at Crows Nest Caravan Park, it's raining heavily and has been for the time we have been here, the property we are going to look after is cut off as the only entry in is across a culvert and the river has risen and is 20-30 metres across and flowing fast, David & Maureen have seen it up before but this is the highest, so that leaves us all waiting for the weather to abate before they can leave on their holiday and we can move in.

That road in the distance is the private road in to the farm, the culvert & creek is usually only around a few metres wide.

We went for a drive to Toowoomba yesterday, the rest of the time we have been reading or watching movies in the Van. Tomorrow we may move to Kilcoy and take up residence at the Kilcoy Showgrounds.

Well we did move and we did call into the Showgrounds at Kilcoy, what previously was an attractive camp at $8 with power has increased to $15 and with the recent rain it was a soft boggy area full of long grass, so we went and checked out the site in Kilcoy but it was closed off due to the rain, so we drove another 20klms East to Cruice Park, it's still raining but at least we are camped on solid ground for the night at no cost.

Shires need to realise that travellers spend money when they are camped in close proximity to a town, not all of us require a caravan park with all amenities. By not welcoming us & travellers like us they miss out on valuable dollars.

Thursday, The water levels at the entrance to the Kilcoy property have dropped dramatically so we crossed the creek and now here.

It is a beautiful property with rolling hills covered in a fine mist of rain, we hope that things start to dry out as there are plenty of jobs to do before David & Maureen can head off on their holiday.

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