Mar 10, 2010


Eventually the rain stopped and things have started to dry out, we have been helping around the property mainly whipper snipping and mowing the extensive lawns and fence lines. It's hot & sweaty work but i have enjoyed doing it, one job i undertook whilst David & Maureen were away for the day was removing a large tree limb that hung precariously over a post & rail fence, i was certainly conscious of the limb falling and damaging the fence or worse landing on me, they aren't called Widow Makers for nothing. But with my usual multi talented skills [insert smiley] i was able to get it down, cut up and removed with no damage.

It is a very attractive property with beautiful views it has Vickie & i dreaming about owning something similar but on a couple of acres, not 400.

We are not sure when the owners are leaving on their holiday, one of our daughters arrives next Wed or Thursday so we are concerned & hope that it will be soon.

With not much happening other than farm work i probably won't be updating the site as much as i do when on the road.

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