Dec 8, 2009

Itchy Feet

We have been home for nearly 4 week's and committed to stay untill 28th December .... the call of the open roads is becoming stronger ... 20 days to go ........

Since being home we contemplated with the idea of selling the F250 and buying a Landcruiser again but that didn't eventuate as we only had one strong enquiry and that fell over. Since then i have been arranging where our gear goes and making a false floor in the ute of the Effy to enable things to be more secure and organized, part of me thinks it's been a waste of time as now i have restricted where larger things can go, time will tell if it's any better and if i end up reverting back to what it was it hasn't cost me much.

F250 has been serviced and a new radiator fitted after it was found to be partly blocked.

Bought a 'Demo' Hobie Inflatable Kayak at the Perth Camping Show for what i thought was a bargain price, used it once and found that one chamber deflates over time, so it went back and i have been told that the problem cannot be found so they are replacing it with a brand new one .... Well Done Hobie !! I can't complain about the after sales service.

We wish you all a safe and very enjoyable festive season.

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Jack & Joan said...

Merry Christmas & safe Travels to you Mick & Vickie, we look forward to reading more about your adventures when you 'hit' the road again. Love your photo's - you should make a coffee table book.