Nov 11, 2009

Head Home for Xmas

No site seeing for us on the journey home, it wasn't a quick drive as we took 7 days to drive from Adelaide to home, {i have previously driven Brisbane to Home in 3} I find the longest & most boring section was between Norseman & Home, i think that makes it around 24 times we have travelled the 'Nullabour'

Now at home catching up with jobs around the house and having Grand Daughters crawl over us, lovely to see them & family. I probably won't update the site again untill we hit the road again just after Christmas so,

Merry Christmas & Safe Travels to all our mates.


Ponce said...

Glad to hear you are home safe. It has been most interesting to hear and view the wonderful places you have visited in the past 6 months since I discovered this site. I (WE) all look forward to your near weekly posts.
Hope to catch up some time in the future.
Have a Happy and Safe Christmas.
Regards Ponce

Mugs said...

ditto, glad you are both home safe. Got a few poms watching the blog now, I must remind them to post comments.

Mick said...

Thanks, it's lovely seeing the girls but were already itching to get back out there.

Mug's make sure they write in Aussie so i can understand them :-)