Feb 19, 2009

Cape Le Grand WA - Fowlers Bay SA

We left Esperance hoping that Lucky Bay & Cape Le Grand would bring us better weather, fools us as the wind just increased, we did not have it all bad as i was able to snorkel along a ridge of reef and saw many different species of fish, the majority of which i had no idea what they were called, certainly nothing that i would have considered eating had i caught them on a hook. The water depth dropped off considerably along the edge of the reef and i kept a wary eye out on any dark shadows lurking in the deep, why is it the music from Jaws always comes to mind when snorkeling.

This visit we stayed at Cape Le Grand beach camp site, we found this to be far nicer than Lucky Bay where we have camped previously. The sites are individual and spacious, the amenities were top notch, we are generally not fans of the CALM / DEC conservation camping but we were both pleasently surprised with Cape Grand.

We fished & drove around to the different bays & fished but nothing eventuated but it was all good fun. We had intended staying 5 nights but after the 3rd night we gave in to the winds and decided to break camp and head back to Esperance for a restock and try and find out where Vickies Aunty June lives. We stayed at the beach front Van park and bumped into Mark & Jac Bushtracker owners whom we had 1st met back at Kununurra last year, they were leaving to head to the same place we had just come from so i wished them luck.

I found Aunt Junes contact details via the internet and we phoned and she was delighted we were in town and could come and visit. It was a nice time chatting & talking about the 'old days' and Vickies relatives, I know Vickie enjoyed it and i'm sure Aunt June was pleased we dropped in. After that it was refuel, replenish the water tanks, restock with the food used, i purchased a external aerial for the internet 3g network and it was out of Esperance again.

Refueled at Norseman and continued on making our nights stop along the road at a roadside camp beside a no longer used Telstra phone tower, there was a converted bus parked there but the owners stayed to themselves which was fine by us, they ran their noisy generator all night but again we didn't care as we were down wind and could hardly hear it, the night was lovely with a cooling breeze coming through the windows and we slept well.

We awoke and the bus and it's occupents had gone, we had breakfast and hit the road ourselves, our next night stop was along the Great Australian Bight where we had a lovely sunset end the day. Now that brings us to where we are now, Fowlers Bay S.A. we have been here before on an overnight stop but this time we will stay 4-5 days, it's a lovely quiet place with a great jetty, rolling sand dunes and apparently the fishing is good too! We have tried squidding along the jetty with no success and this afternoon we drove to Scotts Bay for a fish and had plenty of bites but only caught two King George Whiting, we will go back tomorrow for another attempt.

One surprise we had was the news that we would have the arrival of Clive & Claudia, they are relatives of Kimbo & Ned and are travelling West [quite quickly it appears] towing a Kedron Caravan with a Landrover Discovery. We cooked a lovely roast lamb & vegies in the Weber Baby Q for us all and chatted the night away. They are going to stay a couple of days before heading further on.

More photos here


Stephen & Robyn said...

Sounds very very enjoyable and relaxing.

We'll join you after Sept when we get OUR BT.


Stephen & Robyn

Mick said...

Selling your Ute Stephen?

If it was white i'd be interested lol