Feb 10, 2009

Bremer Bay - Munglinup Beach

We left Bremer Bay and made our way to Ravensthorpe & down to Hopetoun, we had heard about some nice camp sites along the Springfield road that goes between Hopetoun and Stokes Inlet. The 1st site we stopped at was Mason Bay and it was full with a lot of campers who looked to be there for the long term, no one bothered saying hello in fact we felt it was a cold dreary place for more than the weather.

What a difference 7klms down the road can make, here we went into Starvation Bay and the outlook changed, people were friendly and the beach was far nicer. We stayed only one night though as had arrived early the day before we had explored the beaches & surrounds. Our closest neighbour was being a touch too friendly, suffering from a bit of Alzheimers it became a bit of a chore listening to the same stories over & over.

Our next stop over was Munglinup beach, there is a caravan park prior to the beach but that wasn't for us! it was around 3klms away from the water for a start and the beach camp was more spacious, cheaper at $10 a night with clean amenities and fantastic coast line. Here we had a great surprise when an Oka turned up and driving it was a fishing friend who was down in the area with a few mates. We graciously allowed them to set up their tents and gear in our area and chatted the night away. They were down looking for the elusive salmon but so far they and us had failed to find any. We stayed 2 nights at Munglingup and can recommend the beach camp site.

Vickie fossicking along side the foreshore

Camp site at Munglinup Beach

We are now at Esperence, restocked with provisions and about to do some local site seeing before moving down to Lucky Bay in a couple of days time. Vickie's back has come good so she feels a lot happier, & when she is happy i am happy :-)

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