Apr 10, 2017

Adelaide - Safety Bay WA

What an experience we had, our youngest daughter Erin who is married with two young boys lives in Adelaide, she was working for Qantas prior to having her kids but now the youngest is 18 months and his older brother is 3 it was time she rejoined the work force to help increase the family finances.

This is where we came in handy, Erin had to do her refresher course in Melbourne and Sydney, Scott the husband works so there was no one to look after their boys, except of course for us. The last time we had to baby sit for anything longer than a day or overnight was over 30 years ago, and they were our own kids, this was going to be an experience.

We eased into it gently with Erin away for a couple of week nights before coming home for the weekend, we also have the boys going into child care two days a week and Scott was home at night after work so it wasn't as if we had them 24/7 ... but gee it sure felt like it. Actually both boys were good for us, mostly the tantrums started when their Dad or Mum came home.


We soon got into a routine, Vickie was in charge of meals and washing, I took care of the playing and baths and nappy changing on the youngest. Thankfully we had Oakley going to the toilet for big boys pooh's but he occasionally had an accident. 

Most days it was a visit to the ice cream shop, Glenelg has a Yo Go shop where you serve yourself with the yoghurt ice cream and add the toppings, its then weighed and you pay the cost, we were a bit heavy handed the first time and it made for an expensive treat, but we learnt for the next times.


When we had them all day we went for a drive, one say we drove to Victor Harbour and rode the horse pulled tram across to Granite Island, both boys enjoyed it and it made for along day so things were nice and quiet on the drive home. 


Another drive to St Kilda where there is a large fun park with many different slides and flying fox's, swings and climbing apparatus, Tate was a bit young but he enjoys the swings and he did come down one enclosed slide which surprised us, Oakley was in to nearly everything and wasn't scared at all.


The days the boys were in day care, Vickie and I caught up with our own chores, I had tyres to get for the car and also needed two for the van, I'm glad I did it whilst we were in Adelaide because we don't have much time when we're home before we go away to Ningaloo at the end of April. I have a new hose line to fit for our potable water system, the Satellite dish needs some repairs because it refused to retract the day before we were due to leave. It meant me having to call some experts and finding out the best I could do was loosen some bolts and lower it manually and have it looked at by service agents when we can.

So after nearly five weeks of being in Adelaide, three of which we were baby sitting, we finally hit the road on Friday the 7th at 4AM, yes early because I didn't want to deal with the traffic and I also wanted to get some kilometres under the wheels. We ended up driving 1000klm before finally stopping, the next day was similar and with just another 800klms to do on the third day we arrived home on Sunday at 4pm.


The trip was easy but extremely painful because my lower back was in spasm's sending sciatica pain down my legs, I was having to stop every few hundred k's to get out and stretch the legs. Not a lot of fun.

No problems with anything, the Landcruiser 200 makes an extremely good tow vehicle, the BushTracker towed perfectly, economy wasn't as good as my trip over, all the extra weight that Vickie bought and packed in plus my speed was higher than I normally travel. Still it was averaging around 19-20 litres per hundred kilometres except for one tank full which was around 26LPH ! The head winds can be a killer for economy.

Now we are home we have a lot to do before embarking on our annual Ningaloo trip, Dr's, Dentists, Van & Car maintainance etc