Aug 4, 2012

The Lifestyle Continues - August 2012

After three weeks at home catching up on some jobs and spending time with our grand daughters we were both itching to get back on the open road, Home this time involved everyone having the Flu, except me. Our youngest grand daughter Eve had to spend a night in the Children's Hospital undertaking many tests, a very worrying time for everyone but everything came back negative and  she bounced back quickly which was a huge relief. Vickie suffered, having the flu for 10 days before she came good.

Our plan was originally to head across on the Great Central Road to Alice and on up to North Qld but as we have found out many times that our plans change almost as soon as we make them. Instead of doing what we thought we would do, we headed East across the Nullabour for what seems like the thousandth time but more like a number between 30 and 40 trips back and forth. This time the purpose was to head to Adelaide and visit our youngest daughter Erin, Vickie and Erin were then flying to Melbourne to look at Wedding Dresses for Erin's wedding next year at Kho Samui Thailand. I don't understand why Melbourne, I'm sure they sell dresses in Adelaide but Erin is a Qantas Crew Member and the airfares are cheap and flying is the same as driving somewhere for her these days.

But before getting to Adelaide we had a lovely relaxing drive and stayed four night's in the bush enjoying lovely camp fires and camp oven cooked meals along the way. That simple experience is what i enjoy the most, the ability to be away from the maddening crowds, out in the bush, camp fire burning, birds flying in for a visit and the serenity. Saying that we also have a Satellite dish and a diesel heater in the van so once the outside temperature drops down, an hour or two of catching up on what has happened in the Olympics top's our evening off.


We left Monday and arrived on Friday, the weather was sunny but chilly nights, we saw two other Bushtrackers camped up along the way but didn't get the opportunity to say G'day.

We leave Adelaide on the weekend and making our way North. What roads we take we have no idea,

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The Retro Roamers said...

Hey Mick & Vicki

Great to see you are on your way east. We are only three hours out of Cairns at the time of writing this comment.

We too will sit with our son in Cairns for a short time and do the family thing.

No doubt like you guys we will get itchy feet and want to go south for the summer.

Bit of luck we may catch up.

Safe travels

Paul & Wendy