Dec 14, 2011

Nullabour - Home - Dec 2011

With both rigs covered in mud in wasn't a difficult decision to get off the bitumen again and explore some more caves along highway. The 1st we checked out was Murra-El-Elevyn and like the other's it was a large sink hole in the ground, the next was well known being Cocklebiddy Cave though after driving 11klms in on muddy tracks we found it to be closed to the public due to the danger of rock falls. It didn't stop Geoff from getting close to the entrence and taking a few photo's, the cave has been explored to the length of 6.34klms and much of that requires the use of scuba tanks and lot's of carting gear up and over ledges. I wasn't prepared so that was my excuse.

That night we stayed in the bush not far from Caiguna Blowhole, a last chance for a camp fire and a bike ride down a few tracks before settling down in front of the fire and enjoying the serenity of a clear night.

Like most .... we were no different, when the horse turns for home we were the same, clocking up more klms the next day than what we would normally do in 2-3 days found us in Norseman for lunch at the lookout and then stopping the night between Southern Cross and Coolgardie. Tonight was the solar eclipse so that was a good enough reason to sit up and view the night sky, the fact that we had our mates with us and it was to be our last night together for a while it made it even more special.

So our three year journey has come to an end with us now home for Christmas, but it isn't a total end to our travels, we have some medical appointments to keep and depending on the outcomes of those plus impending birth of another grandchild we intend to be back on the road again ....... heading to our much loved Ningaloo for two months next year.



Dave and Shell said...

Hi Mick & Vicki,
another great report :)
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas & many Happy Travels next year.
Cheers Dave & Shell

Nikki said...

That eclipse was amazing. Great photos. And the cave too. It looks like another fabulous day spent exploring. Three years is a wonderful amount of time to spend exploring. I hope you get back on the road soon.

Mick said...

Your too kind, the lens was only a 200mm and not ideally suited to taking photo's of the moon. May next year we will be back on the road again, i can't see us ever stopping touring around completely.

Dave and Shell said...

Hey Nick,
Were you in south Yunderup today? seen a Bustracker with Nik off 2 on number plate go past - we are staying in Lakeside Apartments until tomorrow. Sorry we missed you Dave & Shell

Mick said...

Hi Dave & Shell, Yes that was us! We had New Year at Friends at Sth Yunderup. Not sure where the apartments are you were staying at .. did they front the Lake ?

Dave and Shell said...

Hi Mick,
No we were at the end of the street, but we walked to CLansman last night for dinner and seen the bushtracker on the grass - should have read number plate then :)

Have a great New Year,
Dave & Shell