Oct 3, 2011

Quorn - Yorke Penninsula

On Saturday we went on the Pichi Richi Railway, the BOGGERS filled two carriages and we drew the most uncomfortable with seats not suited to my back & hips i was feeling very sore by the end of it. The train ride itself was nice, one way would have been plenty as all we saw going back was the same as heading forward. Back at camp i settled down on the bed and watched the AFL Grand Final and saw the result i was hoping for with Geelong beating Collingwood.

It was a thrilling ride back for some with Julie and John beside themselves with excitement...

What we didn't know was they were just catching some rest before taking on the Inaugral BOG Race and coming out winners.

We had originally decided to leave Quorn and the BOG Muster on Sunday but the weather was so lovely and the Camp Oven Cook Off being on we decided to stay another night. This also gave me the opportunity to attempt some baking in the camp cooking of my own, usually we just use the Furphy for cooking our camp roasts or making a stew but the rules for the BOG Cook Off was it was to be a cake or something along those lines. I choose to do a Continental Damper which is basically any simple damper but with olives, sundried tomatoes and some chives, 4 Cups of selfraising flour, one stubby of beer, mix well without over handling the mixture and place it in the camp oven with a trivet and baking paper underneath.

Camp Oven Cook Off

With approx 20 other 'contestants' each making their choosen recipe i certainly didn't expect to do any good, but to my great surprise and delight my Damper was given 1st place in the Damper section and Overall winner. To be honest i was lucky to win as the damper had not cooked fully in the middle but it met Judge Judy's criteria and i wasn't about to protest. All in all it was just a bit of fun and we all enjoyed sampling all the dishes that had been baked, it was also a great learning experience myself and i am determined to experiement and attempt a few harder recipes.

Monday morning we said our goodbyes and left Quorn, we drove back the way we came just so we could go to the Stone Hut Bakery for lunch, there we caught up with Turist & Muzza who were also heading to the Yorke, after mentioning that we were going to the Gap it was a pleasent surprise to arrive and find them already there, an hour or so later the Flavs also turned up so the 8 of us are having an Un-Official Mini Muster before making our way to mutual friends Rob and Glenda's property to celebrate Rob's 60th on Saturday.

Stone Hut Bakery - Laura

Sunset at the Gap


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