May 16, 2011

South Lefroy Bay Ningaloo - 17th May 2011

Almost another week has gone by, we had another Birthday celebration with Trevor turning 26 unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice and we had rain during the day but we were lucky it held off during the evening when we all had a BBQ down at Camp Meercat Manor [The Billy's new name for their site] Dave cooked the best Rib Eye Steaks and along with potatoe bake & coleslaw, Vickie made vanilla slice and apple turnovers, and Jo made Chocolate Mousse for desert. We all got into the spirit of playing Celebrity Head, even Kimbo who had kept saying he would only be the referree enjoyed the game.

Kimbo's hair was looking a bit wild so a new haircut was required,

Us blokes had a beach fishing night where we had a purple patch catching some Spangled Emperor, between the 4 of us we caught 10 with the smallest measuring 550mm, four of them were absolute stonkers all over 700mm.

Vickie bought the camera down when we had caught 5 and took the camera back so you will have to take my word.

Photo of Dave with one that went back to grow bigger.

Last night we had the best camp cooked Fish & Chips at Camp Meercat Manor, i didn't set a new record only managing to eat 10 portions of fish - they must have been larger sizes LOL - With lots of time sitting and watching the ocean we have been lucky to see some whales jumping out past the reef, plenty of dolphins cruise past along with many turtles & a few large stingrays.

The weather has been teasing us with one perfect day followed by 2-3 not so good, we have been collecting the rain as it has fallen so that's been good.

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