Mar 4, 2011

Groundhog Day - Jan-Feb-Mar

Life back at home has been spent doing the rounds of Doctors, Hospitals, Optometrists & Dentists - most of which has been for Vickie's Father, he is 85 and the reason we rushed back in January. He has suffered from bleeding ulcers and a very nasty skin rash, the ulcers nearly killed him for the 2nd time but it's the debilitating rash that has been the most difficult to treat. Three times he has been admitted to hospital to be treated but it continues to give him hell. All we can do is administer creams & medication and take him to the neccesary dermatology apointemnts.

Hopefully he will be well enough to travel to Melbourne in April where he will be taken care of by Vickie's sister Sue. Then we can escape here and head to Ningaloo and chill out for a couple of months with mates who are travelling over from Newcastle.

Vickie's health has also been a concern with her blood pressure being found to be extremely high 205/100, she has had to go on to medication to bring it back down to a normal level, Dr mentioned that left untouched she could have had a stroke or annurisim at any time so we are fortunate that was found out. Both of us have been to the dentist and we can expect more $ to be heading their way. Growing older certainly keeps the Medical proffession busy.

When i have had time i sorted out the battery draining problem we had on the Ute, the culprit was a combination of the solonoid controller and the winch itself, the fix was to buy a new warn 9.5 controller and have the winch serviced. The new solonoid controller works a lot faster than the old one so it's good to know that it's fixed and ready for action. I do need to run the cable in and out a few times every couple of months to keep the inner workings - working.

Next job to tackle was the Caravan's brakes, the brakes are 12" electric and have travelled in excess of 80,000klms, in that time the bearings have been repacked a few times & later replaced but the linings and magnets were original. Removing one hub assembly showed that they were no longer servicable so it was time to change out the lot. I choose to use ALKO backing plates this time fitted with the Off Road magnets, it's fiddly & messy but not a difficult job to replace them and works out cheaper to replace the lot than try and have new linings bonded on and the cost of new magnets. Still it's a $700 - $800 exercise taking into account new HT Bolts & nuts and grease.

I am 1/2 way through but have misplaced the oil seals that i have been carting around for 12 months so tomorrow i will be searching the van & shed looking for them, if they don't turn up it's another drive to buy some more, No local bearing business around here.

Other jobs lined up are a vinyl wind & sand skirt for the Van, and some shade cloth ends for the awning. That better be the end of the spending, Ningaloo cannot come fast enough, no shops & nothing to spend money on, yehar!


Dave and Shell said...

Hi Mick and Vicki
Sorry to hear you dad id still unwell. Vicki very lucky you got your blood pressure under control.

Mick the Caravan and Camping show is coming up so you may be able to pick up you shade ends there - show special!


Mick said...

Hi guys, you just never know if you have a 'time bomb' in you .... Yes ... Vick is lucky to have me LOL

Show specials wont have the colour we want nor 90% sun block plus we want them to fit into the anti flap bars. only mass produced ones we have seen velcro over the arms which is not what we want. BUT I will probably go to the show anyway.