Jan 11, 2011

Heading West

Plans - Do Not Make Them.......... they have a habit of getting turned inside out. We camped at Chaffeys Dam for four nights and then our mates Kimbo & Ned arrived, we spent the next 3 days site seeing and paddling the Kayaks on the Dam. During this time we were aware that Vickie's Father was being treated for a skin rash but had no idea how things would change and affect the slow trip back to Western Australia.

Without getting into the nitty gritty and venting our anger & frustration at his family Doctor, Vickie's father has been admitted to hospital where things turned worse with internal bleeding, Pop is a very sick man and has undergone two surgical procedures to stop the bleeding and if the 2nd hasn't been succesful then he will undergo open surgery which at his age has a high risk factor. Hearing all this we decided to say goodbye to our mates and start the long drive home, further phone calls during the drive made us change our mind, Pop wasn't good and Vickie's sister Sue from Melbourne was booking a flight to get over as quickly as she could,we made the decision to have her book an extra seat and we detoured down towards Melbourne and left our Van at friends property at Maldon, i then drove Vickie to the Airport where she flew back to Perth.

We drove 1300klms with the Van in tow and it took us around 16 hours arriving at Maldon at 3am, quickly unhooked the Van whilst Vick had a shower and packed her bag and then another 2 hour drive to the airport. The Ute performed beautifully as i wasn't exactly dawdling along, the night driving made easier with the HID Driving lights that literally turned night into day.

Still unsure just how Pop is but he is stable in ICU and just what it will mean for our travel plans, I will drive the rig back to WA and we will just take each day as it comes.


Dave and Shell said...

HI Mick and Vicki,

Sorry to hear about Vicki's Dad - our prayers are with you. atleast he is in Perth - Anywhere in Queensland would be a whole different story right now!

Mick travel safe back to W.A.


The Retro Roamers said...

Hey Mick & Vicki

Plans are made to be broken. We are experts at that.

Trust Vicki's dad recovers soooooon.

Cheers & beers