Nov 14, 2010

Kenilworth & Surrounds

We have spent our time at Kenilworth chilling out and going for a drive every 2nd day, this area certainly grows on us, it is handy to towns like Malaney, Montville, and Eumundi, lots of bush tracks to explore and the coast is only 40 minutes drive away. Every Saturday we have visited the Eumundi markets, we both enjoy the markets, YES even me a bloke finds them interesting though i am more of a people watcher. Many of the stalls are the same as they were when we visited 10 years ago but neither of us get tired of going. I tend to get a coffee from the Bean & Gone stall and plant my backside down and watch & listen to the musicians, I have seen some excellent Artists performing at Eumundi, OKA, Matt James, and Juzzy Smith were a few.

Last week i lashed out and spent $50 on a massage, my back & hips have been aching more than usual lately and i was hoping that a massage would give me some relief. I was a bit concerned about the style of massage as it involved lots of manipulation and stretching and i didn't want my hip joint to pop out as that wouldnt be fun but the massuer knew by working on me that my body has been through the mill and didn't work me to hard but he did manage to loosen me up a bit, enough that i was yawning the whole drive home and fell asleep as soon as i sat down in my reclining camp chair. Of course one massage does not perform miracles.

Vickie would love to live close by to Eumundi so she could visit the markets every week, we know our Eldest Daughter would love it here also because she makes & sells baby & childrens wear and the markets would be an excellent outlet, her website is called Millaruby Designs, Who knows what the future may hold but with commitments back home we cannot make a decision nor rule out the posibilty of one day having a Base our here, a couple of acres and a shed would be a start.

Last Wednesday we caught up with Vickie's sister Sue and her husband Greg, they were up from Victoria playing Basketball in the Masters Games held on the Gold Coast. They had a hire car so we met up at Woodford for lunch at the Hotel. After a nice meal and catching up with all the family chat we said our goodbyes with them off to battle with the crazy hectic traffic on the Freeway to Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast, for us it was a leisurly drive back to Kenilworth taking in the magnificient views.

I have been a member of Geocaching Australia for a couple of years now but hadn't followed up with it, sitting here at Kenilworth browsing the laptop's bookmarks i came across the Geo site. In case your not aware, Geocaching is a free high-tech treasure hunt where you use your GPS receiver to find caches hidden by other players. It's a great way to be outdoors, enjoy the environment and do something different. A quick look on the Web Site showed there were a few in the area so today we went looking for hidden caches, so far we have found two in the area, we filled out the note book that is included with our name and date we have found it.

Our home here at the Kenilworth Showgrounds has become very busy, the past four days a Motorhome group called Crocodile Wheelers have arrived for their end of year Christmas get together, the majority have 5TH Wheelers though there are a few small Motorhomes with them. Some have left today so we may soon have the park to ourselves again.

Whatever Photo's i have i'll load up later

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Red Nomad OZ said...

OMIGOD! A bloke who enjoys the Eumundi markets!! Be careful ... there aren't too many of you around ...

Happy travels!!