May 3, 2010

Glenelg - Streaky Bay

We spent the week with our youngest daughter Erin and her boyfriend Scott, some of the neighbours know us well with all our comings and going's, Charlie & Rita the next door neighbours are also caravanners and were getting ready themselves for a trip to WA & Broome. We love the Adelaide markets & China Town, we have the best Hainenese Chicken & Rice there at a very reasonable price of $7.50. We went there twice whilst we were in town, the rest of the time was spent catching up with some shopping & washing the rig to remove all the locust guts that had plastered themselves everywhere. Vickie's Dr's appointment was all good news with the Dr very pleased with her eye and could see no evidence of a further bleed, he explained it could be the jelly like substance behind the eye breaking off and causing the flashes she occasionally see's. The next visit was not required for another 12 months so we were very pleased with that, not that her eye will ever recover but it's heartening to know that it has stabilised and no worse.

As soon as we got the good news we were back at the Van and hooking it up, we had decided to head on down the Eyre Penninsula again and spend a few days at Lipson Cove, but prior to getting there we had a call from some friends Rosco & Chris who told us they were camped just out of Whyalla along with another couple Nev & Linda whom we also have met previously, so it was decided to call in and spend the afternoon & night with them. The camp is listed in the CAW book's but gives very little directions, Rosco's directions were clearer but i still stuffed up and turned when i should have stayed straight, this dirt track took us down along a fence line and onto a large open clay pan, I was unsure what to do and tried phoning Rosco again to find out if i was heading in the right direction. No answer on the phone meant i had to make a decision and of course it was the wrong one! I could see wheel tracks going across the clay pan and foolishly i decided to follow them, realisation soon set in when the 8 tons of rig started to loose traction and sink in the mud.

Luckily we had the MIGHTY Toyota Ute with us, as there is no way i would have got the F250 & BT out of the quagmire, I backed the Toyota up as close as i could get without getting it stuck and hooked on a rope to the rear of the Bushtracker, with Vickie then driving the ute in 4WD and myself reversing the rig we were able to get back onto solid ground again, relief as the sun by this time was setting and soon to be dark. I thought about taking some photo's but i was too concerned in getting out than gettting any Un-happy Snaps. I did take some photo's of my shoe's though and this was just stepping out on to the mud and walking a few steps before i took them off and went bare feet.

After that stuff up we arrived at the camp to find the others settled in to happy hour and we were only to eager to join them and drown some of the recent stress away. We had a chatty night discussing everything to the criminal life of Underbelly to Rosco's funny stories about stowing away on a ship many years ago, we also found out that Neville has a 'thing' for Sailors !! lol No wonder this lot like travelling togther, :-))

Everyone was leaving camp this morning and we headed off to Lipson Cove, the head winds were shocking with fuel economy plummeting to new low's. The weather is threatening rain and gusty winds but we have made camp in a nice spot with views of the ocean. Last time we were here we had a great bunch of people camped around us, and the weather was very hot, there were a few people camped down on the flats but if they were here today they would be under water as the beach is flooded.

Not sure how long we will stay, at least a couple of nights and then make our way to Streaky Bay and catch up with some more Caravanning friends Lloyd & Heather, they have recently bought a new Toyota Ute as well and we are keen to have a show & tell, they are travelling to WA very soon so hopefully we get to spend a few nights togther along the way.

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