Aug 20, 2009

Double Island Point - Kilcoy

Cooloola, Tewah Beach, Double Island, what ever it is known as is beautiful, We paid our camping fee prior to catching the ferry across the Noosa River at Tewantin, 5 nights @ $10 a night is good value, $16 for the Ferry is a bit steep considering the distance and compared to the Ferry's that operate across the Murray River in SA for free.

We took the 2nd entrance that goes onto the beach and stopped to drop the tyre pressures on the truck, 25psi all round makes the 285x75 tyres bag out nicely. The drive along the beach on low tide is an easy trip, we went approximately 20klms and found a lovely camp site almost opposite a couple of deep holes in the water that looked very fishy. With plenty of green grass and lovely shade tree's and large hill behind us we were very happy with the outlook.

With the weekend just around the corner there were many other campers scattered along the stretch but no one was close to cause any concern about privacy or noise. We had friends Darryl & son Mitch drive up from Brisbane to catch up with us which was great, Darryl was the friend that introduced us to the spot 3 years earlier. We spent some time having a fish with no luck and then enjoyed a sausage sizzle and couple of 'coldies' as we caught up on what we have both been doing.

Weather was lovely and warm the time we were on the beach but as each day went past it it seemed to get a bit windier and with very little luck with the fish apart from some dart it was to heart breaking to pack up and head back to the ferry and the mainland again, but 1st we stopped at the car wash and gave the truck and van a good underbody wash and pumped up the tyres again. Back in civilization i gave Bushtracker a call to check on our cupboard drawers we were waiting on and the bad news was they were still a couple of days away, so we went and visited the Ginger Factory at Yandina and then drove to Kilcoy and stayed at some fellow BT owners David & Maureen's cattle property.

They were away for the night but it had been arranged for us to just drive on in and enjoy the serenity for the evening and they arrived home later the next day. We had a lovely evening with them, drank too much red wine and hit the sack as we had an early start in the morning to drive back to Kunda Park. The next morning at 5.30am we were greeted with fog & lots of it, it was really quite beautiful with the fog filling the valleys and wafting over the hills. The drive was fine and very little traffic on the road at that time of the morning.

So the van was dropped off and we went and spend the next 6 hours looking at shops and site seeing along the coastal beaches. Back to pick up the van and pleased with the work that had been done apart from getting no satisfaction with what appears to be a faulty electronic Webasto control. I will take up the issue with Webasto themselves and get it sorted it out that way, still disapointing that we have to take that approach.

We are now camped up and the next couple of weeks will be slowly heading down to Jeparit Victoria where a Bushtracker Muster is being held and we are looking forward to catching up with some mates we have met and meeting new ones. Sitting here watching the World drive by and half dozing i was awakened to voices, turning around it was a surprise to see a couple whom have been following our travels via this blog, We had met Danny previously at Rapid Bay SA and he and his wife Ann were touring around the Sunshine Coast .... small World huh, Danny knew more about our travels than we did ourselves ... nice to have a Fan Base out there LOL


Big Mack said...

Nice Pics there Baldy better than the weather here at home ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow love your trip accounts, and FANTASTIC photos. Makes us so envious; but hopefully we can look at getting ours in about two years - after retirement!

B and F