Mar 8, 2009

Port Lincoln - Tumby Bay

Port Lincoln is the Eyre Peninsula's second largest city, set on the shores of Boston Bay, Australia's largest natural harbour, Lincoln Cove, is home to the tuna fishing fleets of the Great Australian Bight. The area offers a diverse range of things to do, from fishing and sailing, to diving with great white sharks, touring aquaculture industries and exploring the area's beaches and booming surf.

With the winds not doing much for our 'shall we go fishing' frame of mind we choose to just look around the town, to be honest towns & caravan parks just don't do it for me and i was quite happy to just stay a couple of days and leave Port Lincoln. We didn't go far approximately 22klms in fact to a lovely coastal town of Louth Bay, we have been here before and knew that there was a nice camp site in the town with basic amenities of flush loo's for $5 a night in the honesty box.

At the camp area we met some other couple's also travelling around and invited them back to our site for happy hour. We had Adam & Mary, Mick & Sue & Brian & Corry's company for the time we were there, all very nice people and i do believe you meet the nicest people away from the Van Parks.

In the town of Louth Bay there is no shop and a population of around 420 people, there is a golf course with green fee's of $5 and the area has the bay on one side and ocean on the other. The bay has a jetty which is well coated with squid ink, testimonial to the amount of squid caught. We caught 3 which was good, nothing huge but 3 was better than none.

On the walk to the jetty which wasn't far i passed a house with a sign out the front advertising smoked fish for sale. i have a fish smoker that Erin bought me but as yet it is still as new inside it's box and i was interested in tasting some smoked fish so that it may stir me into action and do some ourselves. Laurie the Fish smoker was a very interesting guy, he had a great shed full of things that blokes like, the more you looked around the more you saw, he even had an old Triumph motorcycle in perfect and unrestored condition tucked up high in the shed.

I bought some smoked King Fish of him and chatted for a while, he then said "i will show you my other shed" this one was locked and when he slid the door open it revealed a very neat & tidy shed full of shelves which were full of shells, mounted cray's & crabs, old models of sailing ships in bottles, memorabilia going back to his Grandfather's whaling days. It was very interesting and i bought a polished abalone shell he had done and said i'd be back the next day with Vickie as i knew she would enjoy it. The next day not only did Vick enjoy it but we bought some more smoked fish and Laurie gave her a small gift of another polished shell.

After 3 nights at Louth Bay we left on another 'long' drive this time 28klms to the town of Tumby Bay, Yes it's another Van park but it's small and nice enough for a couple of nights to catch up with the washing etc. We went for a long walk around the town looking at some of the beautiful historic homes fantasing how we could live here and the kids there etc etc but in reality it's a small town and i'm over living in small town's, still it's fun to play games :-)

7.20pm and i'm going for a fish on the jetty. Well i was back after an hour, howling wind & no squid, i was battling to stand up straight and not be blown off the jetty, grrrr

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Jason said...

I love it. So peaceful and relaxing.

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