Feb 20, 2007


G'day and welcome to our site,

We are known as
NIK N OFF because of our custom number plates on our vehicle and that describes our lifestyle.

We have travelled extensively throughout Australia over the past 20 years, Our camping history can be seen here, our trips started off a few weeks a year, progressing to a couple of months, then six to eight months, In January 2009 fully aware we were not getting any younger and with Mick suffering from a chronic back condition we 'hit the road' to enjoy ourselves whilst we can and spent the next five years traveling throughout Australia. We then took a year off to catch up with maintainence at home and for Mick to undergo more spinal surgery. Our intentions are to share our time touring Oz and catching up with grandchildren, Our home on the road is a Bushtracker Off Road Caravan towed by a V8 TTD Toyota 200 series VX.

I have had a few articles published in Western AnglerCaravan and Motorhome magazines and i enjoy photography and fishing.

You can navigate our site via the previous posts links on the right hand side, We welcome any comments and suggestions.

Contact can be via email mickATniknoff.com .. Substitute the AT for @

Mick and Vickie


Anonymous said...

G'Day, thanks for the info in the Forum. We're off to QLD in July when we intend to order our new BT. We're only 10 mins down the road from you, wonder if you're going to be around long enough for us to have a chat about your BT experience?

Our mobile is 0412 199 956.

If we can't catch up this time maybe later eh?

Enjoyed your travel log and pictures.


Pat and Roger

Mick said...

Hi Pat & Roger, sorry only just saw this message. We are packed and already to leave and head for Ningaloo & the NorWest, feel free to give us a call or email if you would like to.

Anonymous said...


We hope you're having a great trip.

Our mobile number is above if you have five minutes when you get back.


Pat and Roger

Anonymous said...

Hi Mick & Vickie, I have enjoyed reading about your adventures, am extremely envious. We hope to get a BT, 18-19', probably in 12-18 mths. Considering tow vehicle; hv looked at Patrol & L'cruiser with GMV8 from Brunswick diesel. Not sure I want to spend $90+ on new & luxury TTDV8 L'cruiser 200. Very nice but worried about it out bush. Can I ask how happy u are with your new vehicle compared to F-Truck? Is it powerful enough? Is wheelbase long enough? Can it tow and carry the weight u expected? Is it comfortable to sit in for long hauls? Regards, Phil.

Mick said...

I have emailed you direct Phil.

Alan and Debbie said...

Hi Alan from the mirror issue on BT site:
Just thought I would contact you direct and clear up the apparent perception that my Colorado already has fitting on which to attach the brackets you recommend.
The vehicle only has the standard door mount mirrors as for most vehicles, close to the front door frame on the lower window sill.
As noted previously wising to avoid drilling additional holes in the door panels if at all possible, as I feel this would certainly impact on resale value.

Mick said...

Hi Alan, that makes sense, my modification is intended for the 70 series Toyota's with the metal bracket. My suggestion would be to use the Aussie Truck Mirrors, or the simple strap on style.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys.

Hows the travelling? Thanks for the tip on the towbar, ours has 2 hair line cracks, now just waiting for toyota to send replacement one. Hows the new one going. Safe Travels.
The Gorns (Bruno & Michelle)

Mick said...

Hi Gorn, good to hear from you, glad you found us ok. Also good news about the towbar, personally i think Toyota should recall all the towbars like we had rather than sit back and wait for an accident to happen.

Safe Travels & Best Wishes to you both.

Alan of tassie said...

G'day Nik 'N'Off.
We have spoken in the past of mirror options.
I have just noted from your photo on the BT site what appears to be the very near tray canopy I wish to commission for my intended replacement of the Colorado D.cab ute.

Pending final evidence of specification of chassis etc, seriously considering the new Ford Ranger,if tray length meets expectation.

I would appreciate photos of your canopy, looks to have a fuel tank fitted with filler close to cab and spare tyre carrier on rear. Any special shelving or partitions inside?

Regards Alan Castley

Mick said...

Alan send me an email with your address and i will reply to you direct.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mick + Vick,
Hope all goes well with Vickie's op and your shoulder comes good, just spoke to Vick and Geoff and they are looking forward to catching up with you, we wish we were able to catch up as well but we sold our house and are madly trying to move, we got a cash buyer so all is good, but now have reno's to do on our house at south yunderup, Darryl has seen the oncologist and has the all clear for now and doesn't have to go back till November. Hope we get to catch up at some stage in our travel's you are more than welcome to come stay with us when you are in Perth.( guaranteed not to have trouble getting the van out ) Darryl said to say sorry for making Vickie laugh and popping her eye.
fozzie and Jules

Mick said...

Hi Foz & Julie

Lovely to hear from you, thank you for the kind words, we had already spoken to Parkers and heard your good news, that is excellent. Looking forward to laughs the next time meet up again.