Feb 20, 2007


One of our favourite places in Australia, South Lefroy Bay Ningaloo

G'day and welcome to our blog,

We are known as NIK N OFF because of our custom number plates on our vehicle and that which describes our lifestyle. We love getting away and exploring our great Country, the further away from the cities and large towns the better.

We have travelled extensively throughout Australia over the past 20 years, Our camping history can be seen here, our trips started off a few weeks a year, progressing to a couple of months, then six to eight months, In January 2009 fully aware we were not getting any younger and with Mick suffering from a chronic back condition we 'hit the road' to enjoy ourselves whilst we can and we spent the next six years traveling throughout Australia. We then took a year off to catch up with maintenance at home and for Mick to undergo more spinal surgery, we have found it never ends, the merry go round of Dr's so we no longer travel full time, family, and health have put on the brakes but we still enjoy our few months away when we can

Our home on the road is a 2007 Bushtracker Off Road Caravan towed by a 2015 V8 TTD Toyota 200 series VX.

I have had a few articles published in Western AnglerCaravan and Motorhome magazines and I enjoy photography and fishing.

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Contact can be via email mickATniknoff.com .. Substitute the AT for @

Mick and Vickie


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic life choice, all you need now is a hot rod motorcycle (AW)

Mick said...

Not a bad life we have all things considered, You know too well I have the Hot Rod M’Bike 😎 ...but it’s safer at home when I put the camping hat on. 👍